Playing Tips

Hole #1


• 455 Yards
• Par 4
A sharp dogleg right. The corner can be cut; however, trees come into play on the right side of the fairway.

Hole #2

• 425 Yards
• Par 4
A well hit tee shot to this large fairway will leave you a mid to short iron into this two tiered green. Avoid going right as there is out of bounds along the right side of the hole.

Hole #3

• 370 Yards
• Par 4
Possible lay-up hole off the tee on this dogleg left hole. Approach shot is to slightly elevated, two-tier green. Try to be on the proper side of the green.

Hole #4

• 190 Yards
• Par 3
Club selection is critical on this par 3 with a three-tiered green. Hole plays shorter than yardage due to elevated tee, and with the water you want to err on the short side.

Hole #5

• 390 Yards
• Par 4
If you cut the corner on this dogleg right, don’t go too far right due to water starting 100 yards out on the right front of the green. Birdie possible with good drive.

Hole #6

• 155 Yards
• Par 3
Shortest par 3, but don’t let that fool you. Keep your shot below the hole or you will know what “three putting” is all about.

Hole #7

• 500 Yards
• Par 5
Another par 5 that can be reached in two with a good drive; however, you must carry the narrow creek in front of the green. Also, avoid the trestle on the right. A good birdie opportunity.

Hole #8

• 350 Yards
• Par 4
Another elevated tee. Important to hit driver in fairway here as trees will block out second shot. Favor left side of green as creek comes into play on right front of green.

Hole #9

• 185 Yards
• Par 3
A scenic par 3 with generally a medium iron. Water on the right of green and in front approximately 50 yards from the green. A well struck iron offers a good par opportunity.

Hole #10

• 535 Yards
• Par 5
A sharp dogleg left with out of bounds left bordering the driving range. Slightly uphill hole can be reached in two with two good shots otherwise a third approach to a slightly elevated green.

Hole #11

• 205 Yards
• Par 3
This shot requires all carry on this par three. It’s a shallow green, thus the club selection is all-important. It does offer a wide target, but if you come up short you’re on a steep side-hill.

Hole #12

• 415 Yards
• Par 4
A well placed drive sets up an approach shot to a green protected by a bunker on the right side. This is a very strategic hole with oak trees bordering the right side of the green.

Hole #13

• 460 Yards
• Par 4
Our #1 handicap hole will require a long and well placed drive. The approach shot is all carry to a slightly elevated green. Par is a great score on this hole.

Hole #14

• 565 Yards
• Par 5
Great birdie possibility. Preferred drive is center-right of fairway. For an easier approach to the green, avoid the bunker front-left of the green and the creek behind the green.

Hole #15

• 385 Yards
• Par 4
For the easiest approach shot to the green, the tee shot needs to be center-right of the fairway. Directional bunkers on left of fairway and front-left of green.

Hole #16

• 195 Yards
• Par 3
The most scenic hole on the course. Be sure to select the right club to a shallow green. Avoid the pond to the left, and the creek to the right. Par is a good score here.

Hole #17

• 340 Yards
• Par 4
A true risk-reward hole which features a split fairway. The easier drive is to the left fairway, However second shot must carry a creek in front of green. The riskier drive is to the right fairway, but offers a chance to drive the green.

Hole #18

• 400 Yards
• Par 4
Dogleg left requires an accurate tee shot that must carry over a waste area. The best tee shots are right-center of fairway. This will leave for an easier approach shot to a well bunkered, amphitheater green.