Willow Run Golf Course
Great Life & Fitness Club
June 13th, 2014

1st Place: Johnson Brothers #1:
Brian Roth, Tom Perdue, Josh Hartman, Justin Albrecht 54 -17

2nd Place: J.D. House of Trophies:
Keith Koegel, Ryan Jansa, Doug Viereck, Terry Fossum 58 -13

3rd Place: Howalt McDowell:
Justin Overman, Marlin Overman, Gary Kurth, Dave Schleusner 58 -13

Pin Prizes:
#2 Long Drive in Fairway (Women): Shawn Oppold
#4 Gambling Hole (Triple your money inside the circle)
#7 Long Drive in Fairway (Men): Ryan Jansa
#9 Hole-In-One Audie A4
#13 Closest to Pin (2nd Shot): Doug Weisenbach
#18 Longest Putt Made: Justin Albrecht