Individual Match Play

Individual Match Play

2021 Men’s Match Play Portal

The field will consist of 64 players. Divisions will be created randomly and players will be seeded in each division based on handicap index. The winner of each match will advance to the next round until a champion is crowned. Consolation matches will be held to determine places and payout. 80% of handicaps will be used for all matches.

Entry Fee: $20 per person

To schedule your match please call the Pro Shop and we will provide your opponent’s contact information.

Scheduling your match:

It is your responsibility to touch base with your opponents. Please contact the pro shop for contact information of your opponent as we will have this for each competitor. You are required to play your matches by the next play date. Play-by dates are as follows:

ROUND OF 64:  June 7th

ROUND OF 32:  June 21st

ROUND OF 16:  July 5th

ROUND OF 8:  July 19th

ROUND OF 4:  August 2nd


If neither opponent is able to show up for the mutually agreed upon tee-time, the outcome will be decided by a coin flip from the Tournament Committee.


2020 Men’s Match Play Results