Group Outing Menu

Grilled Ribeye or Prime Rib
Pork Chop or Pork Loin
Grilled Sirloin
12oz. $14.4012oz. $10.5012oz. $13.00
14oz. $14.5014oz. $13.50
All includes: potato, vegetable, salad or dessert, French bread or dinner roll, Lemonade or Iced Tea.


One Entree Buffet
Two Entree Buffet
$9.50 (less 50 people)$10.00(less 50 people)
Entree choices include: roast beef, BBQ pork, turkey, ham Swiss steak, broasted chicken, or country style ribs. Options same as above.


Two Grilled Meats
Choices include: grilled brats and grilled hamburgers or gilled rib ticklers and grilled hot dogs. Includes:Choice of 2 salads, baked beans, chips, condiments, Lemonade or Iced Tea.


Grilled Boneless Chop or Carved Pork Loin $9.50
Includes same options as 2 entrée buffet With Grilled Chicken Breasts $10.50

Includes same options as 2 entree buffet

Grilled or Baked Chicken Breast $9.50

Choice of potato, vegetable, salad, dessert or 2nd salad
Dinner roll or hotFrench bread and Lemonade or Iced Tea


Cold Deli Buffet $9.50

Includes: assorted meat & cheeses, 2 side dishes, buns, condiments and chips, Lemonade or Iced Tea


Sack Lunch $5.00

Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beef with cheese on a bun, chips & cookie
Fruit (apple or banana) instead of cookie add .50 (soda add .50)


Cold Croissant Buffet

Choice of 2 salads, chips, Lemonade or Iced Tea

Soup & Croissant or Sandwich

Choice of salad and choice of dessert, Lemonade or Iced Tea


Breakfast Buffet $7.50

Egg Bake, Fresh Fruit, Assorted Sweet rolls, Coffee and Orange Juice


Cold Deli Meats are:

Roast Beef, BBQ, Turkey, Ham, Chicken salad, or Tuna salad.

Baked Chicken Breast added to the 2 meat selection will be an additional $1.00, for example: Roast Beef and Baked Chicken Breasts $10.00 instead of $9.00


Hot Hors’doeuvres

Chicken Drummies
Hot Wings
$2.50 per person/per item
Minimum 20 people

Cold Hors’doeuvres

Relish Tray $1.50
Fruit Tray $2.00
Meat & Cheese Tray $2.50
above prices are per person
Minimum 30 people